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Troutland is Looking for EMT's
Nov 29, 2016
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General Information to become an EMT for Troutland Rescue


  1. Interested persons would fill out an application packet from Troutland Rescue (please see attached application packet that you can print out)
  2. Background and driver license checks are then done on all applicants. 
  3. Attend a regular Troutland meeting (held the 2nd Monday of each month @ 6:30pm)  Meet the members.  This is a time for questions and answers from you and other members of why you want to be an EMT.
  4. Once accepted, Troutland Rescue would pay for your training and reimburse mileage for your training.  A log must be kept of training mileage and after one year of completion on the squad, you will be reimbursed your training mileage at the rate of $0.40 per mile.
  5. Each new member would run the first 5 calls without pay as part of training.  After getting a Wisconsin state EMT license, you will be asked to be placed on schedule 5 or more times each month.  The shifts are 12 hour shifts on call, 6am-6pm or 6pm-6am.  Licensed EMT basic would receive comp for each call. 

Training is done through NTC and the class is state certified upon completion.  The class is 180 hours plus testing time.  This is a fast paced class and attendance is a must, you must make it to each training class. 

This is a volunteer squad, (although you will receive a comp pay for each run you make).  It takes a lot of commitment and time to become an EMT and to stay an EMT.  You must keep up with refreshers and onsite training on an ongoing basis.

Persons must be able to stand the site of blood and other sites that may not be pleasant. If you are looking to be an important part of this community and do something rewarding please consider becoming an EMT for Troutland.

Contact Jim Summerford for more information 715-432-0491 or the White Lake Village Clerk's office at 715-882-8501

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