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Troutland is Looking for First Responders
Oct 12, 2018
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  Interested persons would fill out an application packet.

  Once accepted, Troutland Rescue would pay for training of that person, the person would record mileage log for training, that person would be asked to remain with the Squad for at least 1 year, at the end of 1 year Troutland Rescue will pay mileage @ a rate of $0.40 per mile for trips made during training.

      Training is done though NTC the class is a State certified class. The class is 70 hours plus testing time. This is a fast paced class and attendance is a must, you must make it to each training class.

  This is a volunteer Squad; it takes a lot of commitment and time both to become an EMR and to stay certified as an EMR by doing refreshers and onsite training.

 Persons must be able to stand the site of blood and other sites that may not be pleasant, persons may be working on the dying or dead,

   If you cannot deal with these things, EMS would not be for you.

Thank You for your Interest in Troutland.

Please contact the Village Office for an application.  

615 School Street, White Lake




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