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1. When are the elections in 2019?

February primary-February 19, 2019 Spring Election-April 2, 2019+

2. Where is the polling place located?

White Lake Community Center, 615 School Street, White Lake

Zoning Permits

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1. Do I need a Zoning Permit?

Yes,Zoning permits are requried for any building, remodeling, or replacing within the village. Contact the Clerk's office for more details. 715-882-8501

2. How much is a zoning permit in the Village of White Lake?

$40 if it is determined your project falls under a chargeable fee. Some projects are no charge but still require a permit. Contact Village Clerk for more information. 715-882-8501

General Village Information

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1. What do I do with my garbage?

Garbage pickup is every Wednesday. Garbage must be in clear White Lake garbage bags that are sold at the White Lake Market and the Village Clerk's office. It must be placed at your curb by 8am for pickup.

2. What do I do with my recyclables?

Recyling day is every Wednesday. All recycles can be mixed together and set out by 7am

3. Who do I contact if I want a large item picked up or have a question about what I can place at my curb?

Contact Waste Management 715-527-6005

4. What can be recycled?

Plastic, glass, tin, paper, cardboard, aluminum is all recyclable. You will be given a green Waste Management bin, which all recycles can be put together in the bin. Please leave recycles loose in bin and use no plastic bags.

Pavilion or Community Center Rental

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1. How much does it cost to rent the Community Center?

$100 or nonprofit groups $35 Contact the Village Clerk to reserve a date. 715-882-8501

2. How much does it cost to rent the pavilion at the beach?

$50 and nonprofit groups $35

3. Can I bring alcohol to the pavilion or community center for my party?

Yes. You may bring in alcohol for your parties. You cannot sell alcohol at your events unless you are a bonified club. In that case contact the Village Clerk for a Picnic License.